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Satellite-Friendly offers a number of geospatial data feeds for integrating our campground directory into your own web application or mashup. These are the same data sources as we use here on our own site.

Full Directory

The complete campground directory is available as a network-linked KML file, suitable for use in Google Earth or Maps, as well as other applications. For any map viewport, shows roughly 25 icons: individual campgrounds if possible, otherwise "cluster" discs.

Top Campgrounds

Also network-linked KML, and therefore usable in the same settings as above, this feed shows the 20 top campgrounds in the map viewport by various criteria.

Recent Entries

Lists campgrounds with sites recently submitted to the directory. Available both as GeoRSS/Atom and KML; the former is usable in any standard feed reader. Will also accept additional URL parameters of days (up to 7) and BBOX (as used in KML network links).

Google Mapplet

The directory is also available for installation on, enabling it to be used in conjunction with any other mapplet(s) in what Google likes to call a "mashup of mashups".